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    Hangzhou Hangshen Energy-Saving Furnace Co.,Ltd.
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    Yanshan Industrial Zone, Chongxian Street, Yuhang, Hangzhou, Zhengjiang
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Trolley Heat Treatment Furnace

Company to provide clients with all kinds of heat treatment equipment, products include such as air, oil, electric heating carrier of pit type furnace, standard parts industry vacuum annealing furnace, trolley furnace, box-type furnace, push rod furnace, roller furnace, liquid ammonia decomposition furnace, steel wire of the bearing industry article spheroidizing annealing furnace, furnace, total fiber split bell type furnace, gas incinerator, cylinder, fuel heating furnace, quenching furnace, tempering furnace, phosphating, blast furnace and so on more than 30 varieties of more than hundreds kinds of products.